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Trained storm spotters and long-term observers support NOAA’s mission of climate monitoring and protecting life and property though accurate forecasts and warnings.

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NOAA Ship Weather Observer

Picture of the Cason J. Callaway -- a volunteer observing ship.As part of the U.S. Voluntary Observing Ship Project, volunteer crew members on nearly 1,000 ships around the world observe the weather at their location, encode each observation in a standard format, and send the data over satellite or radio without delay to NOAA’s National Weather Service. This data is then distributed on national and international circuits for use by meteorologists, oceanographers, ship routing services, fishermen, and many others. Observations are also used by climatologists at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center.

U.S. Voluntary Observing Ship Project:

To join, contact your local Port Meteorological Officer:

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